Who Are We?

In 2021, Dr. Constance Foreman established Beyond Clinic Walls Wellness to bring sustainable health and wellness solutions to Wilmington, NC.

How does she do that?

Through her community events and corporate workshops and seminars, Dr. Foreman strives to encourage practical health techniques to equip people for wellness in their daily life – from work to home and beyond!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and groups throughout the Wilmington area build practical, sustainable healthy habits that improve personal wellness and build stronger community bonds.

Meet Dr. Foreman

“I am a board-certified Family Medicine physician, and my medical and personal experience has shown me that the health of an individual extends beyond the walls of a clinic, doctors
office, or hospital. The relationships doctors develop with patients are important, but people
need more than those periodic encounters in order to maintain healthy lifestyles.

I am here to help bridge that gap!

I am originally from Prince George’s County, Maryland, but my mother was born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I spent a lot of my childhood summers and holiday vacations in Eastern North Carolina and always envisioned settling in this lovely coastal region.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland before taking a year off to work with AmeriCorps VISTA. After my time with AmeriCorps VISTA, I went to Hampton University for a master’s degree in Medical Sciences. I completed my medical studies at Eastern Virginia Medical School and stayed in Virginia for residency with
Ghent Family Medicine. During residency, I also became Lieutenant Foreman and was commissioned as a Navy Reserve Medical Corps officer.

Growing up, I fought many personal health battles of my own. As an overweight and obese child and a weight-conscious adult, I have always workedhard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for my patients. It’s important to me that I show people that being healthy DOES take significant effort. But that doesn’t mean wellness has to be fussy or
overwhelming – healthy living looks different for everyone!

When I’m not working to keep others healthy, you might find me jogging around town, doing a DIY project for my home, or hanging out with friends in Downtown Wilmington, NC. I also enjoy horror movies, improving my green thumb, and traveling (when safe to do so).

Ready to work with a compassionate and motivating physician and health coach? Well, you’ve come to the right place!”

~Dr. Constance Foreman